Worship Services and Children’s Religious Education

begin each Sunday at 11:00 AM.


February 1 at 11 AM

"Of Covenants and Care"

Rev. Mitra Jafarzadeh

There is no creedal test for one to be welcomed at St. John's UU Church.  Like a family or a friendship, a workplace or an interest group, we get along not because we believe exactly the same, but because we have decided to treat ourselves and each other with respect and care.  This Sunday we will consider covenants from Noah's rainbow to our promises to each other.


Children's RE special program Feb 1: This week it's "First Sunday!" Children and youth in PreK-8th grades will begin in worship in the sanctuary at 11:00, and teachers will then take them to Krolfifer for multiage programming. We will learn the meditative art of Zentangle—and our creations will be incorporated into the upcoming RE Showcase in March! (Childcare for ages 0-3 will be available in Jefferson and YRUU will meet in Wells, both at 11am.)


February 8 at 11 AM

"Who Made You Brave?"

Rev. Mitra Jafarzadeh

This Sunday we will lift of the words and actions of prophetic men and women who challenge us to confront evil with justice, compassion, and the transforming power of love. 


February 15 at 11 AM

"For Love of a Mystic"

Rev. Mitra Jafarzadeh

Every religion has a mystical branch which values connection with the divine above all else.  Come Sunday and enjoy the company of mystics from across traditions and time.


February 22 at 11 AM

"Pieces of Peace"

Rev. Mitra Jafarzadeh

As Unitarian Universalists, we seek and celebrate wisdom from world religions. This Sunday we will consider how the simple word, “peace” is nuanced differently in different languages and ask how those differences might affect understandings of faith.


Our Mission: St. John’s is committed to creating a safe and caring community, working for peace and social justice, and celebrating beliefs that respect freedom of thought.