Community Service

Community Worship Services and Children’s Religious Exploration begin each Sunday at 11:00 AM

December 21 at 9AM

Morning Service of Healing and Song will meet in the chapel.

December 21 at 11AM

"The Gift of Nothing"

Rev. Mitra Jafarzadeh

If you have thought that the season is just too much, too much tinsel and too much noise, too much spending and too much consumption of all sorts, come enjoy a break from all the “too much-ness” and celebrate the gift of nothing. In this service we will lift up a softer, quieter spirit of the season.

December 24 at 7PM

"Christmas Eve Candle Light Service"

Rev. Mitra Jafarzadeh

December 28 at 11AM

"It Was My Turn..."

Three up to see that the buckets will  be passed down the line, and the pitchers filled people who were deeply involved in the planning and activities of the 200th Anniversary, will share their stories of angst, interest and action which marked this significant period of time in the life of our beloved community. Although this service marks the end of the celebration, others will need to step.

January 4 11AM

"We live by Grace"

Rev. Mitra Jafarzadeh

Grace is an awareness that who we are is enough. We accept grace for ourselves and extend it to others. Though improvements may come, and even when we know we can do better, there is a confidence that who we are right now is enough for this moment. This working definition of grace lets us build community together, working through our differences, seeking something greater and truer in relationship than in isolation.

January 11 at 11AM

"When the Buddha Drove a ’64 ½ Mustang"

Rev. Mitra Jafarzadeh

Everything changes; that is one thing we can count on! How do we, as a people of faith, respond to life’s changes? Today we look to the wisdom of Buddhism as well as daily life for understanding.

January 11 at 11AM

"Wise and Foolish Virgins"

Rev. Mitra Jafarzadeh and Julie Mitchell, Associate Professor of Fine Art

Our Partner Church’s building in Transylvania is an architectural and historical treasure which the congregation, with our help, has been caring for. Among the art and architecture being preserved is a mural depicting images from the biblical story of “wise and foolish virgins.” It is not the most comforting story in our tradition. Some have found the story to be down-right frightening. Today we will wrestle with difficulties of tradition as we consider the transcendent power of art and story.  Special service after church at the peace pole to rededicate ourselves to pursuing the dream of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.






Our Mission: St. John’s is committed to creating a safe and caring community, working for peace and social justice, and celebrating beliefs that respect freedom of thought.