2014  Nominating Form for Outreach Awards and Grants

The Outreach Committee of St. John’s Justice Ministry is soliciting nominations by February 1 from St. John’s member sponsors for financial grants and awards recognizing a local non-profit social justice organization’s work in active representation, advocacy, and/or service. Ideally, a sponsor should have first- hand knowledge of the organization but must not receive any direct benefit from the award. Prior recipients of Outreach grants or awards as well as organization that benefit from volunteer hours from St. John’s members are eligible for consideration.  


Name of St. John’s sponsor:

Phone:                                                            E-mail:

Name of nominated organization:



Organization contact person:

Phone:                                                                        E-mail:



1. Date

2. Describe the organization’s work in active representation, advocacy, and/or service:

3. Describe either a specific project for which the organization is applying for a grant or describe a project of ongoing justice work that, in your opinion, deserves a recognition award.

4. What is the grant amount the organization is requesting for a new or proposed project? Or, what is the amount you are requesting for the organization in recognition of its existing justice work?  (NOTE: Grants and awards typically range from $500 - $1,000 with the Outreach Committee maintaining the option of increasing or decreasing either type of financial assistance.).

5. How might St. John’s members be able to provide volunteer hours to the organization?

E-mail the complete application to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and return a hard copy to the Justice Ministry mailbox in the church office by February 1, 2014.

 2013 Outreach Award for MPS

On Justice Sunday March 24, 2013  bilingual counselor Carson Wasserman accepted a $1,000 award from St. John's to Mercy Professional Services in recognition and support of her work with traumatized Latino women victims of violence and discrimination.  The 2013 award extends St. John's work on immigration that included last year's Outreach presentation to the Intercommunity Justice and Peace Center.  This year the Outreach Committee reviewed six organizations nominated by St. John's members.  


UU Justice Ohio Network – UUJO


UU Justice Ohio (UUJO) offers social justice activists an exciting new opportunity to unite in an effective network coordinating liberal religious advocacy in our local communities, the state, and beyond. UUJO will facilitate collaboration between our congregations as well as partnerships with other Ohio social justice organizations promoting social, economic, environmental and racial justice that fosters the dignity of all, through education and by organizing concrete action and public witness with and on behalf of marginalized groups and individuals.


An online form is provided for individuals to register as members at the following address: Those who register will receive periodic UUJO news updates, and will have the opportunity to identify issues of interest, and to volunteer time.

All 41 Ohio Congregations have also been asked to join UUJO by formally designating an individual liaison to register at the above address.

For more information, visit the UUJO website at



A collection for the Freestore Foodbank is held every Sunday during the church service.