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Tuesday, 10 October 2006 18:13

Sunday morning Religious Exploration classes provide an opportunity for our young people to come together and learn about themselves and their religious community, practice living the Unitarian Universalist principles of respect for one another and tolerance of differing ideas, to explore religious ideas and grow spiritually, to participate in a caring community, to worship together, and to have fun. 

Get to Know Us!    Meet Connie Prairie, Head Cheerleader for the Pre K-1st Grade Class

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Voices of Variety:

St. John's has a children's choir called Voices of Variety that performs at the annual Christmas Children's Service and other times during the year.  

Children and Youth Religious Exploration at St. John's involves people of all ages. Through the curricula and church activities we promote:

• tolerance, respect, and acceptance for ourselves and others

• trust, respect, and caring between the generations

• an awareness of the world around us, in particular those issues that affect us deeply, such as caring for our planet and working for peace, justice, and fairness in our community and the world

• individual spiritual growth with many opportunities to explore life's questions and the answers various faiths have provided

• awareness of Unitarian Universalism, our Jewish and Christian heritage, and many different religious traditions of the world

• reinforcement of basic human values; and

• a place where we grow together in knowledge, spirit and love.

Our Children's Religious Lives...

We invite you to read a small book called The Gift of Faith by Jeanne Nieuwejaar to inspire you as you seek ways to enrich your child's spirituality. The following is an excerpt from the book:

Whether we wish it so or not, our children are religious, spiritual beings. From within their own magical selves they know feelings, intuitions, and impulses. From the people, stories, songs, and media of their environs they hear religious words and messages and see religious symbols and images. From the experiences of their daily living they encounter religious events. They see dry sticks sprout pulsing green leaves. They see the deer killed on the highway. They watch their teacher's tummy grow round with new life, and bid farewell to their uncle dying of AIDS. From the demands of their living and growing in the world they face situations that require from them a religious decision, response, or interpretation. We cannot choose whether they will be religious, but we can choose how and to what extent we will support, guide, and celebrate this dimension of their nature.

Children are deeply religious beings on every level. Intellectually they think and conceptualize on matters of good and evil, of God and prayer, of life and death. Emotionally they feel deep compassion and empathy, as well as unbounded hope and deep despair. Spiritually they enjoy a sense of awe and wonder that far exceeds our adult possibilities; they have insights of transcendence, even mystical experiences. Behaviorally they live out kindness and cruelty, generosity and selfishness, forgiveness and condemnation. And physically, sensually, they are blessed with extraordinary gifts.

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See a list of the Religious Exploration classes we offer for children and youth.



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