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Beloved Community

For those who want to go deeper into congregational life. If you haven't already, please complete an In Case of Emergency Form and return it to the St. John's Office Administrator.

Rev. Mitra Jafarzadeh

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Sharing Your Time

There are many ways you can share your talents, interests, and special abilities with our church. In the next section, you'll find information about many of the committees and teams that keep St. John's a vibrant, exciting community. We encourage you to find a committee or team suiting your interests and talents. If you need help determining a good fit, complete an Interest Survey and return it in the Membership mailbox in the church office. A Membership Team member will contact you.

St. John's is always encouraging its members to become even more deeply involved in our community, taking an active role in the leadership of the church. We have a library of resources related to church leadership and a page of links to on-line resources related to church leadership. If you think you're ready to become more involved, check out these Leadership Resources or the list of Volunteer Opportunities, then get in touch with the contact person listed for more info.


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