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begin each Sunday at 11:00 AM.


Sunday, April 27, at 11:00 am

“Whose Life Is It Anyway?” - Rev Esther Hurlburt

The Reverand Esther HurlburtAs parents, spouses, partners, and adult children, each of us will require care from another person and each of us will give care to someone. The caring relationship can last for days or even years and often times it’s just not easy! We will take a close look at the relationship between care-giver and care-receiver and discover how an interdependent relationship is the healthiest. See Page 5 of the Reporter for more information about our presenter, Rev. Hurlburt.



Sunday, May 3, at 11:00 am

“Annual YRUU Service Returns!”(Young Religious UU's)

STAR WARSAn epic battle between the forces of good and evil. Strange new life forms. Broken families. The Star Warsfilms cover timeless themes and questions that have kept the world enthralled for 30 years - including our YRUU group. Join them, and a cast of many while they tiptoe along the dark side to expose the spiritual message of the films. May the force be with you!



Our Mission: St. John’s is committed to creating a safe and caring community, working for peace and social justice, and celebrating beliefs that respect freedom of thought.


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Celebration of the Life of member TED CHISM on 5/2 at 3:00 pm. To contribute finger food, sign up here, or contact Nina Tolley.


Join our HABITAT FOR HUMANITY Build Team 4/25. See Reporter p. 6. Signup deadline 4/22!


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Join our "Conversations with the Minister" after Sunday Worship Service in the Chapel or Sanctuary, whenever Rev. Mitra is preaching. A lively, informal discussion. Visitors welcome!